Macintosh File Management

The following help information is designed to walk you through the process of
copying or moving Torgo Software on the Macintosh platform.


    For more Mac Information and
    How to Use the Windows version of our software on a Mac, Click Here.

System Requirements

Our programs, v.8.4 (new downloads),
      work with each of the following operating systems.

    macOS High Sierra (Requires version 8.4)
    macOS Sierra
    Macintosh OS X v.10.10 or later.

The MAC versions works only on the MAC.


How Records Are Saved

Once you create a New Form or use the Duplicate / Update feature,
the New forms and Data are automatically saved (existing records are unaffected).
You don't have to do anything.


Find your records

Click the following buttons in the Yellow Menu Bar

    Back - Next       Move between records
    Search       Find a specific record(s) or Project Folder
    View List       A summary list of records


Program - Backup Copy

On the Existing Computer:

Locate the Program Folder with the title of the Program you want to copy.

    Copy the entire Program Folder and store it on an
    External Device: Disk, USB Flash Drive or etc.
    Drag or copy & paste the Program Folder to your backup location or device.
    Periodic copies will include your records.


The Program must be fully functional.
      Damaged      You can not copy / transfer a corrupt or damaged program.
      Locked out     The original program can not be asking for an unlock code.

List of Program Files only, can not be transferred
      (The list may be incomplete, damaged and do not contain your records)
      You can not transfer the Records only.

You cannot run the program from a backup disk.

Do not copy the Installer File or Alias (short-cut)
      The Installer, if you have it, should be put in the Trash.

Protect your program and records.
      You may make periodic Backup copies of the program (with your records).
      Properly copied, it will not need an unlock code.

    This function is to be performed with the
    original program (Serial Number & Unlock Code).


Copy to Another Computer

Make a Program Backup Copy (see above)

    Copy the entire Program Folder
    Transfer the copy to the new / different computer
    Insert the disk or connect your device
    Drag / or copy & paste the program to your destination.
    This function is to be performed with the
    original program (Serial Number & Unlock Code).



After purchasing and entering your unlock code,
your license permits you to network our software at one location,
using the original serial number and unlock code.

Only one (1) machine can access the central collection of data at a given time.

Due the the wide differences in network design and software,
we cannot offer technical support for networking.
Consult your network administrator, as necessary.

The computer acting as the Server requires a Shared Folder.
An Alias is required on each client machine to access the program.
A copy of the Program folder is not required on each Client computer.

Move the program to the Server:


The Program(s) in question are installed to your dektop or hard drive.
Look for a folder with the same name as the Program you want to copy.

  1. Copy the entire Program Folder to your Shared folder.
    Do not copy or use the Installer file.
  2. Create an Alias for your client machines.
    Using the Program Folder in the Shared Folder:
      Single click the Program Folder Icon.
      From the computer's File Menu, select "Make Alias".
      Drag the newly created Alias to the Desktop of each Client machine.

The Alias will connect you to the program and your records on the server.


How To Find the Program

Typically the programs are stored in the:
      Applications folder
      Desktop folder

Open any Folder / Window on your computer
      Look to the (Side Panel):
      Open the Applications folder or Desktop folder

Look for the Program Title.


Click on-screen, any blank area
      From the Computers Dropdown Menu
      Select Go
      From the List, Click Applications or Desktop.

If you locate the Program folder, double click to open.



Gives you fast and easy access to the program.

The Alias (short cut) will connect you to the program and your records.
      without having to locate and open the Program Folder.


Typically the programs are stored in the Applications folder or Desktop folder

    Open the Program Folder
    From the List of Files
    Single click (highlight) the Program File only (has the program title).
    From the computer’s File Menu     select:     Make Alias
    Drag / move the newly created Alias to your Desktop.
    Click the Alias to open the program.


File - Backup & Restore

The Backup and Restore feature allows you to back up the records only
for use in a transfer, typically to a newer version of the program (without records).

The records alone may be of no value,
      unless they are accessible within a fully functioning program.

We do not advise using the File - Backup and Restore procedure.


It would be easier, safer, and faster to make a Full Program Backup Copy.
      It will contain the records
      Does not require an Unlock Code
      Can be used to Re-Install on another computer

Click here for info: How To Make a Program Backup Copy


High Sierra

Apple’s new operating system,
      includes changes which cause the following:

    When you upgrade an existing Mac to High Sierra,
    our program(s) on the existing Mac will not work.
    You can not transfer / copy the existing Program, Files, or Records
    from an older Mac operating system to High Sierra.


The New Version, v.8.4 (upgrade) of our software works with High Sierra
      You need to download (no records)
      Purchase an unlock code for the new version
      There are no discounts offered on any purchase.