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Lost -- Unlock Code Issues -- Re-Install the Program -- Transfer

Unless you made or can make a fully functioning Program Backup copy (original program),
     You will have to start over with a New download and Buy a new unlock code.

Your original unlock code will not work on a new download.
     Each New installation generates a New & Different Serial Number & Unlock Code.

You purchase an unlock code for the use of the software (unlimited use).
 * * Once unlocked, there is no reason you should require a new unlock code.

Your license includes one (1) Unlock Code which is unique to one (1) Serial Number.
 * * Any new Unlock Code(s) must be purchased.

Re-Install - Options

There are Two (2) ways to gain access to the program (Re-Install):

    1. Copy / Transfer the original program     (No cost)
    2. Download / Install the latest version       (Buy new Unlock Code)
        Software License      What is included at No extra cost.
               Please see the details listed below.

If you lose access to your program(s), or the program is not functioning for any reason,
     The Program, Files, and Records are all lost
     They can not be recovered or transfered.

Each program is / was stored (with your records) on your computer.
     The program operates on the computer to which it was downloaded.
     You do not log in to our web site or download again to use the program.
     We do not have access to or control of your computer or the program.



You can Copy / Transfer the original program(s) and records to another computer.
     When properly copied, it will not require an unlock code.

Test the program first to see if it is fully functional.
     (Click the New Form button, Enter some random data, Print, Generate a PDF)


The program must be fully functional.
     Damaged         You can not copy / transfer a corrupt or damaged program.
     Locked out      The original program can not be asking for an unlock code.

You can not transfer the list of Program Files only.
     (The list of files may be incomplete or damaged and do not contain your reocrds)
     You can not transfer the Records only.

The Program - Backup Copy (used to transfer program)
     It must have been made and saved to an external source,
     before the program was damaged or lost. (any issues)

Instructions (printable) are available from the web site's Menu Bar at the top of the page.
     Select:      Program Help > Copy to Another Computer


If you have not already done so,

Download / Install the latest version (no records)

    Free and in demo mode.
    Evaluate    Give it a test run.
    (Click the New Form button, Enter some random data, Print, Generate a PDF)

You must Buy a new unlock code, for continued use of the program.
     Each New installation generates a New & Different serial number and unlock code.

     The new download does not import your old records.
     Your old Records are lost and can not be recovered or transferred.

See our web site's menu bar      Free Download Page.

Software License

Click here to see what is Included at No Extra Cost.