G701 Change Order - How to Fill out The Form

How to Enter your data

Start each New Project

Click the "New Form" button to get a blank form.
(Do not modify or delete any existing forms.)

Existing records are saved and unaffected.

Fill in the Red Bordered fields.
(Field sizes are fixed and cannot be changed.)

    Header:Enter your information
    Description:Click the "New Line" button to enter your text, line by line.
    The program automatically adjusts for multiple pages.
    PopUp Lists:Select from each PopUp (area below the Line Items)


Progress Change Orders

Tracking on the same project:

Put the latest (most recent) change order form on-screen for the same project.

    Do NOT change the existing record(s).
    Put the latest (most recent) change order form on-screen you want to update.
    Click the "Duplicate / Update" button (yellow menu bar).
    Select # 2 in a series.
    This will automatically modify the change order ready for the new description.

Existing records are automatically saved and unaffected.


How Records are Saved

Once you create a "New Form" or use the “Duplicate / Update” feature,
the New forms are automatically saved along with the existing records,
which are saved and unaffected.

You don’t have to do anything.


Line Item List

# Column

Sort: The lines Sort automatically by #, lowest number first.

    Letters do not sort.
    A blank # field will automatically sort to the top of the list.
    Sorting takes place after clicking out of the line item fields.
    To re-organize the lines, change the number in the # column.

Add / Insert a Line

    Click the New Line button, above the Cost column, to create a blank new line.
    It will add the new line to the bottom of the list.
    Enter a number for each line item in the "#" column.
    Change the number in the # column to the desired position in the list.
    It will sort automatically once you click out of the line item fields.

Delete a Line

Use the "Delete Line" button above the Cost column, to remove unused lines.

    Click on the line to be removed.
    Click the Delete Line button.


Cost Column

Enter the amount(s).
(When you are issuing a Credit, enter the amount as a negative (-) number.)
Automatically calculates and transfers data.


Description Column

Enter the description of the change(s), line by line.

All field sizes are fixed and can not be changed.
Expanded fields will not print the text beyond the field size.

For longer line item descriptions, you need to use two (2) or more lines.

    Example:Describe one (1) item on two lines or more.
    Repeat the line # or use a decimal (2.1).

When you approach the end of a line stop typing,
click or skip (tab) to the next line to complete your description.
Do not "wrap around" text (continuous typing).
Do not use the "Enter" key to stretch the field.

There are NO limits on the number of line items.
The program will automatically adjust for multiple pages when printing.

Click the "New Line" button located over the COST column, for each new blank line.
Enter the amounts for a single or multi-line description on one (1) line only.

Use the "Delete Line" button above the Cost column, to remove unused lines.

    Click on the line to be removed,
    Then click the Delete Line button



Select this button located in the program's yellow menu bar.
You can generate a PDF (Portable Document Format) file,
which can be e-mailed, faxed or stored in another folder.


    Edit Form
      Allows you to modify the pre-formatted text and
      add a logo / image to the header.
    Edit Popups
      Add your reusable data in a pull-down list accessible from the form.
      This allows you to change the font type, size, style and color, where permitted.
        Highlight the text you want to change.
        Go to the "Format" menu in the gray drop down bar.
        Select from the submenu, as needed.
      Use this to change printers.
      Access various pre-selected print and layout options.
      Add optional Header / Image.


Program Help

Details, instructions and examples are available.

Located in the program’s yellow menu bar and though out the form at the point of use.
Read these program files for detailed information and instruction.

    Help FilesHow To Use This Software
    How to Fill Out The Form
    Quick HelpAccess help (on-screen assistance) at the point of use:
      by clicking on the text next to or above a data field.
      by clicking on the grey column titles.