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  • Application for Payment (Compare to the AIA® Form G702®)
    (Compare to the AIA® Form G703®)

  • Affidavits for Contractors
    Payment & Release

  • Certificate (Compare to the AIA® Form G704)


Error Messages

Here is a list of error messages which can occasionally appear
(and what to do about them):

Unlock code does not work or Serial Number has changed.

Filename ‘[...]’ is damaged and cannot be opened.

Not modifiable or Read only errors

Printer not installed, can not be found, or other similar message.

Error messages with the names Schubec or Ghostscript.

Terminal Server error messages

Unlock code does not work or Serial Number has changed.


"Filename ‘[...]’ is damaged and cannot be opened."


Not modifiable or Read only errors:
Not Modifiable

Possible Cause

This is a permissions or security system settings issue with your system.
See your systems administrator for a Password or Permission, if needed.


Consider the following step by step instructions:
Properly performing the FIX should by-pass your security settings.

Stand-Alone computer

    Exit the Program.
    Right Click the Program folder (Shortcut icon on your desktop).
    Select Properties.
    Click the Advanced button.
    Check the Run as administrator checkbox.
    Click OK.
    Click OK.
    Open the program.
    Enter your Unlock Code.
    If the unlock code does not work (serial number changed),
    Please E-Mail the new On-Screen Serial Number.


Read Only

Possible Cause

Note: You cannot run the program directly from a CD-R (back-up disk).

An important Windows Warning:

When copying the Program files from a CD-R onto a new computer,
Windows will sometimes cause the copied files to become Read-only.


    Exit the program.
    Right click the program's shortcut icon to access Properties.
    Select the General Tab.
    The Attributes check box for Read-only may be checked.
    If it is Read Only, un-check it.


Printer not installed, can not be found


Error Messages with the Name Schubec or Ghostscript.

These error messages are specific to the program's internal PDF components.


    Install the "E-Mail Fix" package.
    The download link for the E-Mail Fix can be found under
    "Free 3rd Party Software" at the bottom of our Download Page.
    Each computer using the program,
    including the network server, will require the E-mail Fix.

NOTE: Program versions 8.6 and 8.7 (only) do NOT require the E-Mail fix.


It is possible the program(s) may not immediately connect to the changes from the E-mail Fix.
You may need to Exit and Open the program more than one time.


    Close all open programs and try Re-Starting each computer in the system.
    This can clear up a surprising number of issues.


When the program is:

    Copied to a different computer
    Installed on a Network (shared Folder), External Drive, or other device
    On a system upgraded to Windows 10 or later

The PDF components (Schubec and GhostScript) do not copy.

When these PDF components are not installed:

    You will not be able to generate an internal PDF
    You will receive error messages
    It does not affect any other Program Functions, including Printing.


Terminal Servers

When you continue to get multiple error messages after:

    E-mail Fix (Installed on each system)
    Rebooting (each system)
    Re-selecting the current Printer (each system)

What remains is a server issue.
     You may be experiencing a System conflict.
     This is a hardware or other issue with your system.
     (Unrelated to our software)


Consider moving / transferring the program(s) elsewhere in the system.
     Example:     another partition or drive

Direct your Print Server to the Client Printer at startup (Client Setup).

    This has worked for others.


Due to the wide differences in design, software systems,
settings, and media devices, which vary in their operation,
we cannot offer technical support.

We offer NO support and make NO recommendations to resolve this issue.
Consult your System Administrator, as necessary.

Networking (shared data)     Click here for information.