How To Use Torgo Software

The following help information refers to the programs you've installed on your computer.
This information may apply to versions 6.5 or later.

Fast Start

Click the New Form button to start making your forms.

Fill in the red-bordered fields with your data. (Data beyond the field size does not print.)

The Yellow Menu Bar

Version 7.7 or later:

Version 7.6 or earlier:

The Yellow Menu Bar provides the basic program functions (we have disabled the dropdown menu).
Each button contains a dialog box to assist you.
The Yellow Menu Bar also provides access to the Form Choices and Options.

For a demonstration, and to learn what each button does, see "How To Use The Software" in the program you've installed.


How Records Are Saved

Our stand-alone software is a database program.

The program is stored (with your records) on your computer.
You do not have to be connected to our website or the Internet to use it.

All records are automatically saved and stored in the database files, typically located on your computer's C drive. You don't have to do anything.

Once you create a "New Form" or use the "Duplicate / Update" feature, the New forms are automatically saved along with the existing records, which are unaffected.

You access the program and its records from the "shortcut" located on your desktop.

Use the following buttons in the Yellow Menu Bar to find your records:

    Next - Back
    View List

In addition, you can generate a PDF (Portable Document Format) file, which can be emailed, faxed or stored in another folder. In the program's yellow menu bar, see the "Email-Fax" button.

Remember to make periodic Backup copies to an external device to prevent loss of the program and your records.


Project Folder

To create a folder, use the program's "Search" feature (see the Yellow Menu bar).
Find / search the record(s) by name or any other criteria in the search layout.
(See the Search Instructions.)

This will bring forward only the project(s) searched (Project Folder).

Click the "Sort" button to organize the Project Folder.

Navigation: To find your selected record(s), click the following buttons in the Yellow Menu Bar:

    Back - Next        Move between the folder records  (Middle Row)
    View List            A summary list of records  (Middle Row)

Use the "Browse All" button to restore all records.
Select the "Sort" button to organize the records.


Word Processing Tips

Enter / Return key      (middle of the keyboard)
When a field permits more than one line of text to be entered:

    Enter the first line of text, then use the "Enter / Return" key in the middle of the keyboard
    to drop to the next line.
    (Do not try to use the arrow keys or the Enter key in the numeric keypad.)
    Enter your next line of text, and repeat as needed for each additional line.
    Text beyond the field size does not print.

Some of our programs allow you to change font type, size, style and color.

    Highlight the text that you want to change.
    Go to the "Format" menu in the gray drop down menu bar.
    Select from the "Font", "Size", "Style" or "Text Color" submenus, as needed.

Spell Check

    Go to the "Edit" menu in the gray drop down menu bar.
    Select from the "Spelling" submenu.

Copy and Paste
Copy and Paste TEXT between fields and between programs.

    Highlight the text to be copied (click and drag).
    Hold "Control" key and hit "C" to Copy text.
    Click where you want to Paste the text.
    Hold "Control" key and hit "V" to Paste text.

Tab Within A Field
This allows you to align text vertically within a field.

    Windows    Hold "Control" key and hit "Tab" key
    Macintosh   Hold "Option" key and hit "Tab" key

Tab key
This allows you to quickly move from to field to field on the form.


Help Sources

Quick Help

The Quick Help provides on-screen assistance.
Just click the field label (name) or on the gray column title in the program you've installed.

Help Files

    How To Use The Software
    This feature explains the yellow menu bar, program functions and features.
    It is located in the yellow menu bar.

    How to Fill Out The Form
    This feature provides detailed assistance designed to walk you through filling out the form.
    It is located in the yellow menu bar.

Print Options or Options
This feature allows you to access various pre-selected print and layout options,
and is also used to change printers. It is located in the yellow menu bar.



Use these features in the yellow menu bar to move between, find and organize your records.

Form Choices
Select layout and form choices, if available.
Examples: "Form Choices", "Attachments"

Page Turns

Click on the arrows or circles in the program you've installed, if available.

Back - Next
Click these buttons to move between your records.

View List
The View List feature provides a brief outline of your records presented as a list.
It allows for a quick review of the records you have created.

By clicking on a specific line, you can view that particular form.

You can also generate reports by using the View List in combination with the Search feature. (See below)

Status Bar
The Status Bar provides information detailing the number of records stored and which records are currently being viewed.

The Sort feature lets you organize your records. Example: By date - most recent first.

    NOTE: When you start the program, the most current record will be on-screen.

With the Search feature, you can find the record(s) you need without navigating through all your forms.
Full instructions are located on the search screen.


Email - Fax - File Storage

Our software can generate a PDF for various uses, including email attachment and file storage.

Click the Email - Fax button in the yellow menu bar for detailed instructions.


When you change printers you may get an error message.
Solution: Restart the program and it should not occur again.

When you move the program to another computer or install it on a network,
the Schubec and Ghostscript components do not copy with the program.
Solution: You must install the Schubec printer driver and the Ghostscript package on the new machine.

Click here for details



See each for detailed instructions. (Each program may have different features)

Edit Form
The Edit Form feature allows you to modify the pre-formatted text.
Optional: Add your logo / image in the form header, where available.

Edit Popups
The Edit Popups feature lets you add your reusable data to a pull-down list that is accessible from the form.

Print Options or Options
This feature allows you to access various pre-selected print and layout options,
and is also used to change printers. It is located in the yellow menu bar.


General Information

All forms and data are automatically saved.

When printing, the program adjusts for multiple pages.

You can use the "Tab" key to navigate through the fields on the form.

To Tab within a field (to align text vertically), click Control + Tab (Windows) or Option + Tab (Mac)

Do not use the "Enter" key from the numeric keyboard.


Line Item List

Many of our forms feature a Line Item List section.

New Line button

    Click this button to create as many new blank lines as needed.
    The number in the "#" column automatically generates in sequence (can be changed).
    Ener a Line Item Number for Each Line (required).
    The line items will automatically sort by #, lowest first.
    A blank "#" field automatically sorts to the top.
    (Letters do not sort)

Delete Line button

    To remove a line, click on the line to be removed, then click this button.

Insert or Skip a line

    Create a New line, then change the number in the "#" column to reflect the line's new location.

Rearrange the lines

    Change the numbers in the "#" column for the lines you want to rearrange.

    The line sorting will process after you click outside of the list area.

For longer descriptions, you may need to use two (2) or more lines.
(Data beyond the red-bordered field size does not print. Do not use the "Enter" key.)

Example 1:

Example 2:


Zoom Buttons

The Zoom percentage box, Zoom-in, and Zoom-out buttons are located in the lower-left corner of the screen.

Use these buttons to reduce or magnify the image displayed on the screen.

  • You can reduce the image to 75%, 50%, and 25%.
  • You can magnify the image by 150%, 200%, 300%, and 400%.
  • Use the Zoom percentage box to quickly return to 100% from a magnified or reduced view.


Tips (General)

All Programs

To have your current record on screen when you open the program:

  • "Sort" (Organize your records). Example: by date / most recent first.
  • "Search" (Find the record desired).

To add your logo or image in the header space, where permitted, See "Edit Form"

Consider using a quality paper (color if you choose) for the final document.
For example, when printing Waivers, Final waivers are often printed on blue and Partial waivers are often printed on pink.

Generate Reports by using the Search feature (instructions are on-screen) in combination with
the View List (a brief outline of records presented as a list, allowing for a quick overview).

To Duplicate a Form:

  • Go to the form you want to duplicate.
  • Click the "Duplicate / Update" button.
  • Click OK to confirm that you want to copy the currently selected form.

The copy will be identified in the Form Memo and say "copy"

How To Create a Template

To make one or more templates (standard format) for the form:

  • In the body of the form, set the basic "outline" of info you will use.
  • "Label" it, in the yellow menu bar's Form Memo field. Example: "Template 1"

To access an existing template:

  • Use the Search feature to call up the desired template.
  • Click the "Duplicate / Update" button.
  • Complete the data entry in the duplicated form which will say "copy" in Form Memo.

To Update in a Series for the same project

  • Go to the latest form for the project that you want to update.
  • Click the "Duplicate / Update" button.
  • Select option #2. Click OK to confirm that the latest form for the project is currently displayed.
    This will transfer your information and prepare it for the new record.
  • Enter the the new and updated information, as needed.