How To Use Torgo Software

The following help information refers to the programs you've installed on your computer.
This information may apply to versions 6.5 or later.

Yellow Menu Bar

Version 7.7 or later:

Version 7.6 or earlier:

The Yellow Menu Bar provides the basic program functions (we have disabled the dropdown menu).
Each button contains a dialog box to assist you.
The Yellow Menu Bar also provides access to the Form Choices and Options.

For a demonstration, and to learn what each button does, see "How To Use The Software" in the program you've installed.


How Records Are Saved
    Once you create a New Form or use the Duplicate / Update feature,
    the New forms and Data are automatically saved
    (existing records are unaffected).
    You don't have to do anything.


Fast Start

Click the New Form button for a Blank Record.
      Existing records are automatically saved and unaffected.

Fill in the Red bordered fields.

When a field permits more than one (1) line of text to be entered:
      Enter the first line of text, stop typing.
      To drop a line, use the Enter / Return Key (middle of keyboard).
      (Do not use the Arrow Keys or the Enter Key on the numeric keypad.)

    Do not stretch the field size (It will not print).
    Field sizes are fixed and cannot be changed.



      Click this button to access available form choices and features.

Edit Form
      You can modify the pre-formatted text, if needed.
      Add your optional   Header / Logo

Edit Popups
      Allows you to add or delete reusable data. (mini database)

      Highlight the text you want to change.
      Go to the Format menu in the gray drop down bar.
      Select from the submenu, as needed.


Program Help

At the point of use,
      There are detailed instructions and examples available.

Quick Help

    Click on the text next to or above a data field.
    Click the Gray Column Titles, if any.

Help Files       (Yellow Menu Bar)

    How to Fill Out the Form
    How to Use This Software

    Click these buttons (image display) at the bottom-left of the program screen.
    Allows you to Zoom In and Out (change the screen size).


Zoom Buttons

The Zoom percentage box, Zoom-in, and Zoom-out buttons are located in the lower-left corner of the screen.

Use these buttons to reduce or magnify the image displayed on the screen.

  • You can reduce the image to 75%, 50%, and 25%.
  • You can magnify the image by 150%, 200%, 300%, and 400%.
  • Use the Zoom percentage box to quickly return to 100% from a magnified or reduced view.