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  • Application for Payment (Compare to the AIA® Form G702®)
    (Compare to the AIA® Form G703®)

  • Affidavits for Contractors
    Payment & Release

  • Certificate (Compare to the AIA® Form G704)


Included at No Extra Cost

Software License Info   (Unlimited Use)

You purchase an unlock code for the use of the software.
(There are no time or quantity limits imposed by us for unlimited use.)
 * * Once unlocked, there is nothing we do that could cause you to need a new unlock code.

Your license includes one (1) Unlock Code which is unique to one (1) Serial Number.

 * * Every download generates a different serial number.
(The Serial Number, located on screen, can NOT be manually changed.)

 * * Any new Unlock Code(s) must be purchased.

    The following functions are to be performed, by the user, with the
    original program (Serial Number & Unlock Code).

Your license permits, at no additional cost:

  • Program Back-up copies (made by the user)
    • Fully functional when made before there were any program issues.
      (Properly copied will not require an unlock code)

    • A full Storage Copy
    • Periodic program backup copies (with your records).

    • Saved to an external device (used to install again)

    • These can be used to:
        Transfer to a New / Different Computer (if needed)
        Copy your program onto another computer

    • It is the user's responsibility to protect their Program(s) & Records.
      (Backup frequency is controlled by the user)
    • Networking (shared data): (made by the user)
      You may Network the software at one server location.

      Our software can be installed to allow users to:
      • Share a central collection of data.
        Multiple machines
        Different locations
      Only one machine can access the central collection of data at a given time.
        (Users can not access the data simultaneously.)
      • Local Server
      • Cloud Host (online storage drive)
      • Remote Access

      • Required   (Each User)
        • Access to the Shared Program Folder (server)
        • Shared folder (new or existing)
        • E-mail Fix - (Free Download--not required on the Mac)
        • Shortcut (Mac Alias) to access the Shared Folder

        • Each user does not require the Program folder.

    Due to the wide differences in network design, software systems,
    and media devices, which vary in their operation,
    we cannot offer detailed technical support.

    Contact us by E-Mail
    We are happy to answer questions and provide step by step instructions.


    Except as indicated above, you may not modify, adapt, translate, rent,
    lease, distribute, network, or create derivative works based upon the software,
    or any part thereof, and/or resell for profit.