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Program - Backup Copy

After purchasing and entering your unlock code,
the licensing agreement allows you to make:

    A full Storage Copy
    Periodic Backup Copies (with your records)

Protect your program and your records.
The program is stored (with your records) on your computer.

We recommend frequent backups (with your records)
to prevent loss of the program and data.

This Program - Backup copy can be used for a:

Properly copied, it will not require an unlock code.


    It must be a fully functioning Program.
    You cannot transfer / copy a corrupt / damaged program.
    The original program cannot be asking for an unlock code (locked out).
    You cannot transfer the Program Files only.
    (Program Files do not contain your records.)
    You must use our instructions.


You can use an External Device, USB key drive or CD-R

    You cannot run the program from the backup CD-R.

Macintosh Users: Click here for Mac instructions.

Windows Users:   Follow these steps on the Existing Computer:

  1. Locate the "Torgo, Inc." folder. (It contains your Program(s), Files & Records)
    Version 7.3 or later . . . . Go to: My Computer (or Computer) > Local Disk (C:) > Torgo, Inc.
    Version 7.2 or earlier . . . Go to: My Computer > Local Disk (C:) > Program Files > Torgo, Inc.
  2. Manually
    Copy the "Torgo, Inc" Folder to your backup location (CD-R, USB key drive, or external device).
    • Insert a blank CD-R, USB key drive, or external device.
      (Follow the manufacturer's instructions for preparing to copy.)
    • Right-click the "Torgo, Inc" Folder and choose "Send To" your backup location (CD-R etc).
    • Alternatively
        If your backup location window is open and can be seen,
        Drag-and-drop the "Torgo, Inc" Folder into the backup location.
    Automated Copy Service
    Locate and Direct your service to the "Torgo, Inc." Folder.

    On your computer's hard drive (C drive or other location).

    It contains the Program(s) and Records.
    When / if needed, it does not require an unlock code when copied properly.



Due to the wide differences in network design, software systems
and media devices, which vary in their operation,
we cannot offer technical support.
Consult your network administrator, as necessary.

Do NOT copy

    The Installer Folder
    The Program Shortcut (This is not the entire program.)

How to Verify a successful Backup copy

  1. Eject the backup disk or disconnect the backup device.
    Note: Follow all manufacturer's disconnect instructions.
  2. Insert the backup disk or connect the backup device to
    the same or a different computer.
  3. Open the "My Computer" or "Computer" window.
    You should be able to find this item through your Start menu,
    or as an icon on your desktop.
  4. Open (double-click) the backup disk or device.
    Locating the "Torgo, Inc." Folder on your backup disk or device
    verifies a successful backup.

"Read Only" or "Not Modifiable" Errors

An important Windows warning:

When copying files from a CD onto a new computer, Windows will sometimes cause the copied files to become Read-only. If you get "Read Only" or "This field is Not Modifiable" messages from our program (after trying to start a program you have just copied onto a new machine from a CD), you do not have to make another CD. Instead, follow these steps:

On the new machine:

Solution:      Click here for Not Modifiable or Read Only errors.


We recommend frequent backups to prevent loss of records.

We offer no support since each media device may vary in its operation.