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  • Application for Payment (Compare to the AIA® Form G702®)
    (Compare to the AIA® Form G703®)

  • Affidavits for Contractors
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  • Certificate (Compare to the AIA® Form G704)


Copying Your Program To Another Computer

You can Copy / Transfer the original program and records to another computer.
     Properly copied, it will not require an unlock code.

Test the program first to ensure that it is fully functional.
     (Click the (New Form) button > Enter some data > Print > Generate a PDF)

    Four (4) steps to complete the procedure:

  1. Copy existing (original) program
  2. Transfer it to new / different computer
  3. Make a Shortcut
  4. Install the Email Fix

NOTE: Program versions 8.6 and 8.7 (only) do NOT require the E-Mail fix.

    See the Step by Step instructions below

You have the Option to:
     Download / Install the latest version (no records) free and in Demo mode.
     Buy a new Unlock Code
     (We offer no discounts on any purchase.)


The program must be fully functional.
     Damaged      You cannot copy / transfer a corrupt or damage program.
     Locked out    The original program will not be asking for an unlock code.

You cannot transfer the list of Program Files only.
     (The list of files may be incomplete or damaged, and may not contain your records.)
     You cannot transfer the Records only.

The Program - Backup Copy (used to transfer program)
     It must have been made and saved to an external source,
     before the program was damaged or lost. (any issues)

Cross Platform -- Windows & Mac
     You can not transfer the Program, Records, or Files between Mac & Windows.
           Both have different Operating Systems.

           The Mac version works only on with Mac computers.
           The Windows version works only with Windows.

Due to the wide differences in design, software systems,
settings, and media devices, which vary in their operation,
we cannot offer technical support.

Consult your System Administrator, as necessary.

Instructions - (4 steps)

#1. How to Copy the existing (original) program

#2. How to Install the transfer / copy to the New / Different computer

Insert the disk or connect the device to the new computer.
You will be able to find the disk or device in your "Computer" or "My Computer" window.

Copy and Paste the entire Torgo, Inc. Folder to the Hard Drive (Local Disk (C:))
on the new machine by following these steps:

    OpenDouble-click the backup disk or device
    Right-clickThe Torgo, Inc. Folder (on the backup disk / device)
    OpenComputer or My Computer
    Right-ClickLocal Disk (C:)

    OpenLocal Disk (C:)
    OpenThe Torgo, Inc. Folder
    (It will contain the program(s))
    Open the PROGRAM folder with a name matching the program you are moving.
      Open (run) the program by double-clicking the .EXE file.
      (There is only one ".EXE" file)

    If you can't find the .EXE file, see Can't Find .EXE File)

#3. Create a shortcut for your Desktop

    Right-click on the .EXE file.
    Choose Send to -> Desktop (create shortcut)

You can double-click the shortcut icon to open (run) the program.

Repeat this process for each program,
if your Torgo, Inc. folder has more than one program.

#4. Install the E-Mail Fix package

NOTE: Program versions 8.6 and 8.7 (only) do NOT require the E-Mail fix.

The download link for the E-Mail Fix can be found under
     "Free 3rd Party Software" at the bottom of our Download Page.

    Each computer using the program,
    including the network server, will require the E-mail Fix.
    After the Fix is finished installing,
    close all open programs and Restart each computer in the system.


Windows Note:

When copying files from a CD onto a new computer,
Windows will sometimes cause the copied files to become Read-only.

If you get "Read Only" or "This field is Not Modifiable" messages from our software
(after trying to start a program you have just copied onto a new machine from a CD),
follow these steps:

Solution:      Click here for Not Modifiable or Read Only errors.

If this does not resolve the issue,
check your system settings or see your systems administrator.


Can't Find The .EXE File?

Your computer might be set to hide the ".EXE" portion of the file name.
If you can't locate the .EXE file when trying to run our software,
try changing the file display method for the program folder:

    From the "View" pull-down menu, choose "Details".
    The window should now display the files in a multi-column format.
    One of the columns is titled "Type",
    and only one (1) of the files in the window will say "Application" in the "Type" column.

    This is the file you use to start the program or to create a shortcut.