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Copying Your Program To Another Computer

You may copy your existing program folder (with its records) to another computer.
Properly copied, it will not require an unlock code.
(This process does not affect your existing program and records.)

Alternatively: download the latest version (upgrade) of your program and buy an unlock code.

Protect your program and records.
We recommend frequent backups to prevent loss of data (use this same procedure).

Macintosh Users: Click here for Mac instructions.

We offer no support in copying the software to a new machine
since each media device may vary in its operation.

What Not To Copy

How To Copy

"Read Only" or "Not Modifiable" Errors

What Not To Copy

Do not copy the Installer file, sometimes found on your desktop after the installation is complete. (If you were to re-install the software, it would generate a new, different serial number, which would require a different unlock code. A fee would be required for this new code.) You should delete this installer file if it is present, to prevent accidental re-installation

Do not copy the shortcut located on the desktop. This is not the entire program, and will not be an effective backup.

We recommend frequent backups to prevent loss of records.

We offer no support since each media device may vary in its operation.


How To Copy

Required to copy the program: Zip Disk, CD-ROM, USB key drive or other such devices.

To make a copy of the program (with its records), you will need a form of external media that is large enough to hold several megabytes of data, such as a CD-R, Zip disk or USB key drive. A floppy disk drive will not be sufficient.

You can follow these steps:

On the Existing Computer:

  1. The Program(s) in question can be found in the "Torgo, Inc." folder.
    (Version 7.3 or later) . . . . Go to: My Computer (or Computer) > Local Disk (C:) > Torgo, Inc.
    (Version 7.2 or earlier) . . . Go to: My Computer > Local Disk (C:) > Program Files > Torgo, Inc.
  2. Copy the entire "Torgo, Inc" Folder to your backup location or device (CD-R, Zip disk or USB key drive, etc). The easiest way to copy is to:
    • Insert a blank CD-R or Zip disc, or connect the USB key drive.
      (Follow the manufacturer's instructions for preparing to copy)
    • Right-click the "Torgo, Inc" Folder and
    • Choose "Send To" your backup location (CD-R etc).
    • Alternatively, if you also have a window open that shows your backup location, you can drag-and-drop the "Torgo, Inc" Folder into your backup location.

Note: You cannot run the program from the backup disk.

Copy To (Install On) the New Computer:

  1. Insert the disk or connect the device to the new machine.
    You will be able to find the disk or device in your "Computer" or "My Computer" window.
  2. Copy and Paste the entire "Torgo, Inc" Folder to the Hard Drive ("Local Disk (C:)") on the new machine by following these steps:
    • Open (double-click) the backup disk or device.
    • Right-click on the "Torgo, Inc" Folder (on the backup disk).
    • Choose "Copy".
    • Open "Computer" or "My Computer".
    • Right-click "Local Disk (C:)".
    • Choose "Paste".
  3. Open "Local Disk (C:)"
  4. Open the "Torgo, Inc." Folder
  5. Open the PROGRAM folder with a name matching the program you are moving
  6. Open (run) the program by double-clicking the .EXE file.
    (There is only one ".EXE" file. If you can't find it, see Can't Find .EXE File)
    To create a shortcut for your Desktop:
    • Right-click on the ".EXE" file ("Application" file) and choose "Create Shortcut".
    • Drag the shortcut to your Desktop.
    • You can double-click the shortcut to open (run) the program.
  7. If your "Torgo, Inc" Folder has more than one program, repeat this process for each program.


  1. After you're done copying the "Torgo, Inc" folder to the new machine,
    you should install the "E-Mail Fix" package (for creating PDF files) on each client machine.

    When you move the program to another computer or install it on a network,
    the components of the "E-Mail Fix" do not copy with the program.
    This will cause the program to generate error messages in almost all cases.

      Install the "E-Mail Fix" package.
      The download link for the E-Mail Fix can be found under
      "Free 3rd Party Software" at the bottom of our Download Page.

  2. If the program does not print after copying, you may need to re-select your printer.
    Follow these steps:
    • Click on the "Print Options" or "Options" button.
    • In the Options layout, select "Full Print Dialogs".
    • Click on "Return To Form".
    • Click on the "Print" button. You will see a series of print dialog boxes, one of which lets you set the default printer. Select the appropriate printer and continue printing.
    • Once printing occurs correctly, you may wish to return to the "Options" layout and switch back to "Simple Print Dialogs".

"Read Only" or "Not Modifiable" Errors

An important Windows warning:

When copying files from a CD onto a new computer, Windows will sometimes cause the copied files to become Read-only. If you get "Read Only" or "This field is Not Modifiable" messages from our software (after trying to start a program you have just copied onto a new machine from a CD), you do not have to make another CD. Instead, follow these steps:

On the new machine:

  1. Exit out of the program.
  2. Eject the backup CD, if it is still in the new computer.
  3. Open the program folder containing our software, which will have the same name as the program.
    Inside this folder will be several files and a folder named "System".
  4. Look for a file named "Proj_Man".
    (Depending on your system settings, there may or may not be a 3 letter extension following "Proj_Man".)
  5. Right click the "Proj_Man" file and choose Properties from the menu that pops up.
  6. At the bottom of the Properties window, the Attributes check box for Read-only may be checked. If it is, uncheck it.
  7. Repeat this process for all files in this folder with the same file type or 3 letter extension as the "Proj_Man" file.
    NOTE: You cannot run the program from the backup disk. (Attempting to run the program from the backup disk will cause "Read Only" and "Not Modifiable" error messages.)

If this does not solve the problem, check your system settings or see your systems administrator.


Can't Find The .EXE File?

Your computer might be set to hide the ".EXE" portion of the file name. If you can't locate the .EXE file when trying to run our software, try changing the file display method for the program folder:

    From the "View" pull-down menu, choose "Details".
    The window should now display the files in a multi-column format.
    One of the columns is titled "Type", and only one (1) of the files in the window will say "Application" in the "Type" column. This is the file you use to start the program or to create a shortcut.