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Construction Terms and Slang

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tar heel
(slang) Hot tar roof installer.

Tell 'em Jim
(slang) Exclamation used to inform someone they are "Kirking", i.e., boasting or grandstanding. See also: Kirking.

(slang) A carpenter.

tin banger
(slang) A sheet metal worker. See also: Tin Knocker.

tin knocker
(slang) A sheet metal worker. See also: Tin Banger.

(slang) Burnouts, stoners. Persons who have used too many drugs.

(slang) Work-enhancing stimulants (including coffee).

(slang) A motorized or wind-driven roof vent, often round.

(slang) An unflattering nickname for a crane operator who has, through negligence, hoisted the crane's ball and hook into its boom.