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Construction Terms and Slang

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(slang) The unititiated are tricked into inquiring as to the purpose of this mythical device.

head honcho
(slang) The boss or other superior.

(slang) Exclamation: Look out, heads up: something is falling.

Hey Koolaid!
(slang) Exclamation used to tell someone to quit whining or complaining.

(slang) Something that has to be redone, a flub.

high chair
(slang) A heavy, wire, vaguely chair-shaped device used to hold steel reinforcement off the bottom of the slab during the placement of concrete.

high rise
(slang) (1) A building with upper floors higher than fire department aerial ladders, usually ten or more stories. (2) A traffic-control device consisting of a barricade with stationary flagged arms positioned at 10 o'clock, 12 o'clock, and 2 o'clock and located at each end of a construction zone.

high side (high pressure side)
(slang) (1) Those parts in a refrigeration system which are exposed to pressure at least as great as condenser pressure. (2) The outside of a pipe bend or conduit bend.

A crane.

A live or electrically charged wire or other electrical component.

hot wrench(slang)
To use a torch for cutting a bolt when a wrench won't work.