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Construction Terms and Slang

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gandy dancer
(slang) A railroad worker who performs earthmoving and tracklaying work.

gandy stick
(slang) Railroad slang for a tamping rod.

gear jammer
(slang) A truck driver.

Ginnie Hopper
(slang) An aprentice grade-checker or surveyor.

(slang) An A-frame derrick that has a fixed rear leg.

glass tower
(slang) Any type of small crane.

glory hole
(slang) (1) In mining, a slang expression for a vertical pit whose mined material drops into a shaft below the bottom of the pit. (2) A small shaft excavated to assess the quality of an ore.

going alpha
(slang) Letting one's mind wander, not paying attention. See also: Alpha.

granny bar
(slang) A large crowbar.

grease monkey
(slang) (1) A slang expression for a person who lubricates, refuels, and/or repairs equipment. (2) A grease dauber who greases skids so that logs can be moved over them easily.

Grease Pole
(slang) A hydraulic crane operator.

(slang) Oiler or helper on heavy equipment (usually cranes).

Green Room
(slang) Portable toilets. See also: Blue Room.

(slang) Someone new to the industry, trade or craft.

(slang) A common laborer or an apprentice lineman.

(slang) (1) Equipment designed to deliver shotcrete. (2) A pressure cylinder for pneumatic delivery of freshly mixed concrete. (3) A spray gun. (4) A slang expression for a transit, as it is used to shoot grades.