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Construction Terms and Slang

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A new system utilized in the Federal Housing Administration recommended criteria for impact sound insulation.

Descriptive of two or more materials which are not suitable to be used together.

Indemnification Clause
Provision in a contract in which one party agrees to be financially responsible for specified types of damages, claims, or losses.

The process by which air leaks into a building. In either case, heat loss results. To find the infiltration heating load factor (HLF), the formula to account for the extra BTU's needed to heat the infiltrated air is:

(Impact Noise Rating). A single figure rating which provides an estimate of the impact sound insulating performance of a floor-ceiling assembly.

Inside Drain
In roofing, a drain positioned on a roof at some location other than the perimeter. It drains surface water inside the building through closed pipes to a drainage system.

Insulating Glass Unit
Two or more lights of glass spaced apart and hermetically sealed to form a single-glazed unit with an air space between each light. (Commonly called IG units.)

(1) Generally, any material which slows down or retards the flow or transfer of heat. Building insulation types are classified according to form as loose fill, flexible, rigid, reflective, and foamed-in-place. All types are rated according to their ability to resist heat flow (R-Value). (2) In electrical contracting, rubber, thermoplastic, or asbestos wire covering. The thickness of insulation varies with wire size and type of material, application or other code limitations.

Insulation Board
A rigid structural building board made of coarse wood or cane fiber in - and 25/32-inch thickness It can be obtained in various size sheets, in various densities, and with several treatments.

Insulation Fasteners
Any of several specialized mechanical fasteners designed to hold insulation down to a steel or a nailable deck.

Interior Finish
Material used to cover the interior framed areas, or materials of walls and ceilings

Interior Glazed
Glazing infills set from the interior of the building.

In glazing, any material used to bond two lights of glass and/or plastic together to form a laminate.

Between two layers of roofing felts that have been laminated together.

Insulated (or Inverted) Roof Membrane Assembly. In this system the roof membrane is laid directly on the roof deck, covered with extruded foam insulation and ballasted with stone, minimum of 1000 lbs. per square.