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Construction Terms and Slang

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Caisson Drilling
Large diameter boring for the purpose of setting piers and piles for structural supports.

Caisson Foundation
A support shaft of concrete placed under a building column or wall.

Cinder Block
(slang) A person who has become dazed and simple-minded, a burnout.

Circling The Drain
(slang) Anything lingering on the brink of dying, especially any third party material suppliers.

(slang) To impact the ground with one's head. See also: Cranial Disharmony.

(slang) (1) A winch (2) A device for pushing wet concrete (3) A tool is used to assist in delicate alignments and adjustments of structural members, sometimes known as a sledgehammer.

(slang) Any type of composition material.

(slang) A scraper operator

Cranial Disharmony
(slang) Severe headache and / or mental disorientation, usually do to impact. See also: Cloon.

(slang) (1) To hit the ground from great altitude. (2)To fail catastrophically.

(slang) A person with a corporate image in language, dress or manner; a business type.

(slang) A structural build-up that fills in crevices at the rear slope of a chimney, covered with flashing to shed water and snow.