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Mac Info

The following Mac programs are available for download:

  • Application for Payment, G702 - G703 Billing   (v.8.4)
  • Certified Payroll, WH-347   (v.8.4)
  • Change Order, G701   (v.8.4)
  • Contractor's Affidavits G706  &  G706A   (v.8.4)
  • Qualification Statement, A305   (v.8.4)

Our software is stand-alone.
    It requires no other software to operate.

System Requirements

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Mac Support Page

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How to Use the Windows version of our software on a Mac

Intel-based Macintosh computers have the capability to use (read & write)
both Mac and Windows operating systems.

Your Macintosh computer requires the following:

  • An Intel-based processor
  • Apple's Boot Camp software package
  • The Windows operating system
    You will need an installation copy of a Windows operating system.

Additionally, you can purchase a Mac Utility
which allows the use of Windows software on a Macintosh.
The advantage of the Mac Utility is that they are
seamless when switching between operating systems (no rebooting).

We do not recommend or endorse any product.
However, our customers have mentioned successfully using the following:

    Parallels Desktop®
    VMware Fusion®

We cannot offer any support in the process of using or installing:
      Third-party software
      The Windows operating system on your Intel-based Macintosh