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  • Application for Payment (Compare to the AIA® Form G702®)
    (Compare to the AIA® Form G703®)

  • Affidavits for Contractors
    Payment & Release

  • Certificate (Compare to the AIA® Form G704)


Application for Payment TS 702 - TS 703, Billing

Compare our superior product to the AIA® Form G702® & Form G703®

NOTE:TS means Torgo Software ®Registered Trademarks
Form styles remain unchanged.Copyright protected since 1996.

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  • (unlimited usage)
  • $
  • 250.00
  • v. 9.3
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  • (7 day usage)
  • $
  • 75.00
  • v. 9.3
  • You must download and give it a test run before you can purchase.

Product Description

Fill in the form on-screen: Print or Email the Form with your Data.
     There are no pre-printed forms to buy or yearly licensing fees to pay.

Only available here. The # 1 construction billing software.

This high quality program has more features, options, and form styles,
including progress payments which automatically update.
It is powerful, flexible and easy to use.

Get the TS 702, TS 703, and TS 732 CMa in one program.
Information, retainage and totals automatically calculate and transfer between forms.
     Includes Instructions on How To Fill Out The Forms.
     Networkable at no extra cost.

Program Features & Options (included)

Automated Software

  • Forms print with your data
    (No paper forms needed)
  • Automatically calculates & transfers data
  • Automatic updates (progress payments)

  • Built-in Help Instructions

  • TS 732, CMa Layout
  • TS 702, Architect
  • TS 702, Engineer
  • TS 702: Notary section: ON - OFF switch
  • TS 702: Various additional Options

  • TS 703: 4 Styles
  • TS 703: Group subtotals
  • TS 703: Unit Pricing
  • TS 703: Round-Off
  • TS 703: Print Preview

  • TS 703: Unlimited line items
  • TS 703: Automatically adjusts for Multiple Pages
  • TS 703: Totals section: ON - OFF switch

  • Retention: Variable & Split Rates
  • Retention: Set ALL
  • Retention: Maximum & Fixed Amount

  • % Payouts: Variable or Set All
  • Rounding: ON - OFF switch

  • Edit the pre-formatted text
  • Create drop-down lists for re-usable data
  • Existing records can be modified, if needed.

No extra cost

  • Networkable
  • Use on another computer
  • Program Backup copies (with records)

  • Copyright Protected
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