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  • Application for Payment (Compare to the AIA® Form G702®)
    (Compare to the AIA® Form G703®)

  • Affidavits for Contractors
    Payment & Release

  • Certificate (Compare to the AIA® Form G704)


"Lost" Program

If you cannot find the program on your computer:

You have the Option to:
      Download / Install the latest version (no records)     free and in Demo mode.
      Start over.
      Buy a new Unlock Code.
      (We offer no discounts on any purchase.)

How to Find the Program

On your computer's hard drive

    Find and open the Torgo, Inc. folder. It contains the Program Folder / Files / Records.

From the computer's     Start Menu

(Version 7.3 or later) . . . .
     Go to: My Computer (or Computer) > Local Disk (C:) > Torgo, Inc.
(Version 7.2 or earlier) . . .
     Go to: My Computer > Local Disk (C:) > Program Files > Torgo, Inc.

Double-click the Torgo, Inc. Folder. It should contain your program(s).

Open the program folder.
Locate and click the .EXE file to launch the program (there is only one).

How to make a shortcut for your Desktop:

    Right-click on the .EXE file.
    Choose Send to -> Desktop (create shortcut)

You can double-click the shortcut icon to open (run) the program.

Repeat this process for each program,
if your Torgo, Inc. folder has more than one program.